Episode 225 – Guest Mariam Shareefy

Mariam is a Pashtun, humanist, socialist, rock climber, women’s rights advocate, and refugee activist, who has spent her life working to empower women, children, refugees and ex-Muslims. A refugee from the Taliban, she is now living in the United States and is a strong advocate of the ban on full face covering as it devalues, degrades, and dehumanize women and is a key national security issue. We discuss with Mariam how the ideology of hijab limits a woman’s access to education, work and healthcare.

Episode 224 – Potpourri

Topics include: The Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman debacle. Toronto’s Ryerson U is quickly earning a name for itself, and not a good one. This time it’s the site of the White Privilege Conference in May. February 1 is World Hijab Day, and MTV’s Decoded (so woke!) has a typically obtuse view on this symbol of religious misogyny. The Atheist Conference is in New York City is DEAD, and social justice killed it. And yet there are those who believe social justice warriors are the true defenders of ‘free speech’. Riiiiiiiiight.

Episode 223 – Potpourri

Time for another potpourri episode! Topics include the new coffee enema from Goop (ain’t that an aptly named purveyor of woo…), this morning’s attack on a schoolgirl’s hijab with scissors, a BC man is charged with selling miracle tonic remarkably like bleach, Iran protests, the recent push to get woo enabler Oprah to run for president.

Episode 222 – Guest Cathy Young

Journalist Cathy Young joins us to discuss some of the social justice assertions and how they stack up against reality. She is a Russian-born American journalist who has written articles for quite a few major papers, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Newsday, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, National Review, Salon.com, The Weekly Standard, and Reason. Cathy has also written several books, including “Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality”.

Episode 221 – Guest Jessica Schab – Memoirs of a Former Mystic

Jessica Schab joins us for the final podcast episode of 2017 to describe how she fell down the rabbit hole of mysticism and how she clawed her way back.

Episode 220 – Guest Sheldon Helms/Potpourri

Sheldon Helms from the ShelShocked Podcast joins us in the first half of this episode to discuss so-called “gay conversion therapy”. Afterwards we’ll have more to say on the Laurier Lindsay Shepherd incident and other topics.

Episode 219 – Guest Seth Andrews

Our guest this evening is Seth Andrews, aka The Thinking Atheist. A former Christian music DJ, apostate Seth has written two books Deconverted and Sacred Cows, and continues to have an impact on new nonbelievers. He joins us to discuss a variety of topics.

Episode 218 – Guest Kristine Kruszelnicki

Guest Kristine Kruszelnicki puts forward her arguments against abortion.

Epidose 217 – Guest Lalo Dagach

We spoke with Chilean atheist Lalo Dagach (The Lalo Dagach Podcast) on a variety of topics, from Islamophobia to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. It was a marathon session that was enjoyed by all involved, and I hope you enjoy it too!

Episode 216 – Guest Co-host Tyler Legare

Tyler Legare from our friends at the So You Think You’re a Skeptic podcast joins us to talk about his project and help us with a number of recent events, including a prediction for the date of World War III; Quebec passes Bill 62, which requires faces to be uncovered for those receiving any public services; Laura Penny believes the clear and present danger to free speech on college campuses is a figment of the far right’s collective imagination; a British judge has ruled that gender segregation in an Islamic school is discriminatory; In Catholic Watch, Pope Francis turns comedian when he says – and I kid you not – Putting God first doesn’t mean avoiding reality; and finally, tomorrow is the start this year’s flu shot season and this year’s flu is promising to be a nasty one, so get vaccinated!