Episode 177 – The Atheist Delusion, Denouement

We present here the third and final installment of our descent into inebriation, which likely saved our sanity watching this….

Episode 176 – The Atheist Delusion Part Deux

Welcome to Part II of our deconstruction of Ray Comfort’s most recent comedy, The Atheist Delusion. After a short break, we descend deeper into inebriation and wax philosophical. Ray keeps on with his “a book can’t write itself” nonsense, and we keep laughing and eye rolling. I’m still an atheist, Ray! We start with Lawrence Krauss answering Ray’s leading questions that were posed to university students in Part 1…

Episode 175 – Potpourri Episode with guest co-host Nicol Simard

This week on LoRD, the Legion of Reason diversion, Christine and your Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy are joined by Atheism TV’s Nicol Simard to discuss the topics du jour, which include assisted dying parties in California, the current court case in BC Supreme Court challenging the new assisted dying law and the foiled terror attack outside Toronto.

Episode 174 – The Atheist Delusion Part 1

Part 1 of our look at Ray Comfort’s new video titled The Atheist Delusion. This video was released at the end of July and we purposely avoided any discussion of it on social media to ensure that our reactions were fresh and genuine. Has Ray finally found that golden nugget have us abandoning , or will this be yet another diatribe full of profundities like the banana and crocoduck? We put not only our atheism on the line to find out, but our livers as well! To help us survive we decided to make a drinking game out of it. To that end we found a Christian fallacy bingo card and added a few predictable fallacies specific to the Banana Man. So we have our muscle relaxants and out towels at the ready, and that’s where we begin.

Episode 173 – Potpourri with guest co-host Kevin Francis

Kevin Francis from Left At The Valley (http://www NULL.leftatthevalley NULL.com/) joins us in discussing issues du jour: More religious interference in assisted dying; a human rights complaint over court-mandated attendance in Alcoholics Anonymous; Islam: The Tour; and From the Regressive Left Files: Black Lives Matter demands Vancouver Pride ban police from participation.

Episode 171 – Meandering Potpourri Talk After Recording Episode 170…

In this, the 171st edition of the Legion of Reason Diversion, yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson makes his case against Black Lives Matter (the organization, NOT the idea of black lives mattering – do not conflate those two!), censorship on Facebook, genetically-modified versus mutagenically-modified organisms, the Anglican church allowing same-sex marriage ceremonies, Catholic bishop in Philadelphia says remarried couples should abstain from sex, and an update on the Stephan case. Enjoy!

Episode 170 – Interview: Sarah Fraser and Victoria Khan

Welcome once again to the Legion of Reason Diversion, podcasting a critical eye on a sometimes less-than-critical world. In this, the 170th chapter of our humble audio tome we have two special guests joining Twyla, Christine and me, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson. I met our first guest earlier this year at the Imagine No Religion conference in Richmond. She asked a question of the panel that Christine was moderating on the first evening that piqued my curiosity and hoped to discuss it further that weekend. Dr. Sarah Fraser (http://www NULL.sarahfrasermd NULL.com) is an author and medical resident at the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. Her most recent book is ‘Room for Growth,’ about her experiences with addiction before getting into medical school and describes herself as a ‘former regressive leftist’. She is also writing the memoir of our second guest, Ms. Victoria Khan (http://www NULL.victoriakhan NULL.com), a transgender ex-Muslim woman. As a child in Afghanistan Victoria spent time in a terrorist training camp and in her adult years is passionate about fighting for the human rights of Muslim women and preventing Islamic terrorism through education and dialogue. She currently resides in Los Angeles.

Episode 169 – Hope After Faith, with Bobby Cary and Jerry DeWitt

In the 169th episode we have as our special guests from the Hope After Faith (https://www NULL.spreaker NULL.com/user/hopeafterfaithpodcast) and No Religion Required (https://noreligionrequired NULL.com/)podcasts, Jerry DeWitt and Bobby Cary.

Episode 168 – YouTube Sensations Logicked and Isethe!

In this 168th edition (June 20, 2016) Kris, Feisty Twyla and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy, welcome our special guests, YouTube sensations Logicked (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/user/logicked) and Isetheoriginal (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=sxrEA1M_kQs)!

Episode 167 – Potpourri

In this, the 167th episode we introduce a new segment covering Arts and Entertainment, wherein we learn that Mel Gibson has a sequel to his last snuff film “The Passion of the Christ” is in the works, and the probable plot of God’s Not Dead 3 is unfolding as its producers are being sued for copyright infringement of another Christian screenplay. Whatever happened to turning the other cheek? In Ottawa, the Senate is looking at right-to-die legislation Bill C-14 and does not like what it sees; Calgarian Catholic health care providers Covenant Health and Covenant Care refuse to abide by the Supreme Court decision over assisted dying and announce they will violate patient rights by not granting requests no matter what and Pope Frank weighs in on the debate from his cheap seat in Rome. Yours truly made his thoughts known in a tweet that I am sure shook the halls of the Vatican. As well, there are a couple of late stories to relate. Federal NDP MP Linda Duncan tabled a bill requiring labeling of GMO foods and O Canada! has been changed yet again, this time make it gender neutral. But first the elephant in the room, the Orlando shooting that happened early Sunday morning.