Signs of massive electoral fraud in Canada

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57 ridings received misleading robo-calls, that we know of. That’s how badly they wanted this power to ramrod five years worth of Conservative policies into place — even if this election was 100% in the bag for them, THEY STILL CHEATED. And they’re yelling and screaming for the Libs and NDP to show their phone records while they themselves refuse to account for their own activities.

Harper and his government have evidently subverted democracy. Whether or not this swayed a single vote, it shows exactly what these people are capable of, and to exactly what depths they’ll stoop.

HJ Hornbeck

Historian Fight!

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This time it’s Richard Carrier vs. Bart Ehrman. The latter posted a brief article on the historicity of Jesus (http://www NULL.huffingtonpost NULL.html) in the HuffPo; in true historian fashion, Carrier’s rebuttal is about five times as long as the original. Here’s a quick sampler (http://freethoughtblogs

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Unorthodox Cures

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Have a problem with heroin addiction in your community? Try prescribing the addicts a little heroin (http://freethoughtblogs!

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Episode 10 of the Legion of Reason Podcast

10! One of those meaningless numbers we make arbitrary attachments to because of a number base prejudice. It could be much more fun to celebrate things in base 2 system. More excuse to have fun. But still….. 10! Cool.

Anyhow, in this latest episode Twylla, Haysn and I discuss a circumcision horror story I came across after recording episode 9. Also, PZ Myers was in town last Thursday to give us some insight into what we should and should not expect intelligent alien life to look like. Lastly, we find that if one has enough money it is possible to entice a university to sell out. Tom Droog, ex-sunflower seed mogul, forked over $1M to help create a professorship for complementary and alternative medicine at the University of Lethbridge. Sliding woo into universities is no longer done stealthily, but in a shameless and brazen manner. I weep for the children, I do.

LoR Podcast – Episode 9

We’re back after missing a week. In this episode, we discuss the demize of Mardi the giraffe following a long bout with degenerative arthritis. It wouldn’t be newsworthy for a skeptic podcast but for one thing…. We also find out that not only is it still possible for physicians to use the diagnostic code reserved for “homosexuality”, but that at least one doctor still uses it! And after some “cutting” commentary on male infant circumcision (one local physician advertises his services for this on buses), we delve into a local anti-choice group’s tactic of mailing postcards with pictures of what they tell us is a 10-week old aborted fetus. The usual sentiment of a postcard – “Wish you were here!” – has been changed to “Wish you wouldn’t do this!” in a flagrant appeal to emotion.

Pro-life or Anti-choice?

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After carefully mulling it over, I recently decided to start calling the “pro-life” camp “anti-choicers.” During the recent abortion flare-up, I got called out for it on FB, which led to this:

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More Fun with Math!

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You think of the darnest things at 1:30 in the morning.

Walking home after a podcasting session (barefoot in sandals, no less), an old math trick popped into my head, one that’s very handy for working out the fractional value of an infinite series. Take this example:

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The Number of the Catches

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Before that wonderful rant by Greta was an insightful post by Natalie (http://freethoughtblogs

Greta Christina made a really interesting point, though, that got my brain pieces to start doing brain stuff. She pointed out how whenever there’s a disagreement within our community, no matter how minor, people will exploit it to make up stories about “rifts” and “infighting” and “drama”, how we’re a bunch of angry little kids who endlessly squabble amongst ourselves. And then when we do agree with one another, suddenly we’re a “hive mind”, an “echo chamber”, “preaching to the choir”, a “circle jerk”, “silencing dissent”. We’re mocked and attacked for disagreeing with each other, and mocked and attacked for agreeing with one another. A catch-22, no-win, damned if you do and damned if you don’t situation. […]

I started wondering if these catch-22 set-ups are actually sort of the hallmark of discrimination, sort of the most direct and immediately recognizable way of knowing that a given group has been predetermined to be in the wrong regardless of what they do, or just generally aren’t being given a fair chance in terms of how they’re treated or understood.

I’d certainly agree, as someone who’s been called closed-minded several times over, who’s been criticized for being a relativist or too dogmatic. Give her piece a read, though, and see what you’d think.

HJ Hornbeck