LoR – Episode 32

Sad news this week. I’m old enough to remember watching a human being walk on the surface of a planetoid beyond our own for the first time. Neil Armstrong died this weekend. One more hero gone from this world. Later, I demonstrate my ignorance of modern Canadian geography (you can email your corrections to randy@screwed-up-but-doesn’t-care.com) as we discuss the latest attempts by HPV Calgary to get the human papillomavirus vaccine in Calgary Catholic schools (http://metronews NULL.ca/news/calgary/339686/legal-action-looms-in-calgary-catholic-school-hpv-vaccine-standoff/) and show that not all Catholics agree with Bishop Henry’s depraved indifference to women’s health just because they commit the heinous crime of engaging in sexual intercourse (http://metronews NULL.ca/news/calgary/345572/former-calgary-catholic-school-district-head-throws-support-behind-hpv-vaccine-in-schools/). We urge everyone to sign the petition (http://www NULL.thepetitionsite NULL.com/169/149/477/tell-catholic-school-district-dont-deny-the-hpv-vaccine-to-female-students/) at the petition site. There’s some good news out of the town of Morinville Alberta where enrollment in the new secular public education ‘alternative’ has hit 252 registered students (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/pages/Public-non-faith-based-school-in-Morinville-AB/186801464664262) for the coming school year. We also comment on the FDA’s banning of a homeopathic product because of quality assurance issues (http://news NULL.discovery NULL.com/human/homeopathy-takes-hits-in-europe-us-120821 NULL.html) – the potential for part of it to be broken glass, Richard Dawkins interview in Playboy (http://www NULL.playboy NULL.com/playground/view/playboy-interview-richard-dawkins), and take a stab at the latest meme to hit the atheist community known as “atheism+ (http://freethoughtblogs NULL.com/blaghag/2012/08/how-i-unwittingly-infiltrated-the-boys-club-why-its-time-for-a-new-wave-of-atheism/)“. But first, we discuss weird sports superstitions (http://www NULL.menshealth NULL.com/mhlists/strangest-athlete-superstitions/printer NULL.php) that began with Winnipeg Blue Bomber quarterback Joey Elliott and a PowerBalance bracelet.

LoR – Episode 31 – Great Blue Balls of Jesus!

In this episode we take on someone critical of our position of Tom Droog’s million dollar gift to the University of Lethbridge and our views on alternative to medicine therapies. Keep the fodder coming, supporters of woo! The Parti Quebecois unveils their secular charter promise in the Quebec provincial election campaign, and BC premier Christy Clark panders to her Christian demographic and tells us how she learned from the bible that sometimes hard political decisions are uh hard. Wow. Couldn’t have figured that out for herself, could she? Does this open the door to questioning candidates on their religiosity and how much influence their personal beliefs would have on what should be evidence-based policy formation? But first, a public service announcement. Skeptics in the Pub will be taking place September 4 (first Tuesday of the month, as per usual), and don’t forget about Skeptifest coming up on September 8 at Ten Nightclub in Calgary, with Shelley Segal, Derek Sweet and Calgary’s own Dean Morrison. Get your tickets at Eventbrite. Details and links are on our website in the Episode 30 notes. Hope to see you all there ’cause it’s going to be a rockin’ godless good time!

LoR – Episode 30 – Interview with the Harvard Humanists

In this installment we present another one of Kris’ fantastic interviews from the American Humanist Association conference in New Orleans earlier this year. Kris discussed humanism with the Harvard Humanists (http://harvardhumanist NULL.org/). Participating in the discussion were Sarah Chandonnet, James Croft, Chris Stedman and Greg Epstein.

The Centre for Inquiry here in Calgary is organizing SkeptiFest, a one-day music & comedy festival happening on September 8 at Ten Nightclub (https://www NULL.facebook NULL.com/TENxnightclub). It will be featuring Australian singing sensation Shelley Segal who performed at the historic Reason Rally earlier this year in Washington, DC. Check out her opus entitled “Saved” on her website (http://www NULL.shelleysegal NULL.com/). Also appearing is Albertan comic Derek Sweet (http://www NULL.dereksweet NULL.com/) and Calgarian songster Dean Morrison (http://www NULL.reverbnation NULL.com/deanmorrison), whose song “Non Believer” we featured here on the Legion of Reason a while back. It’ll be a rocking good time! Tickets are available through Eventbrite (http://cfiskeptifest NULL.eventbrite NULL.com/), and prices are $20 the general public, $15 for students with valid student ID, and members of the Centre for Inquiry and Freethinkers Society get ’em for $10.

LoR – Episode 29

This will, alas, be the last update for the next couple of weeks. But there’s always the Olympics! This week we get the scivy about Christine’s talk at The Amaz!ng Meeting in Vegas, and the Alberta government legitimizes naturopathy by creating a self-regulatory body for the quacks, as well as discussing various other bric-a-brac (Bishop Fred ‘Fucking’ Henry gets mentioned!).

See you all after the kitchen renovations!