Episode 118 – Could We Please Finally Be ‘Left Behind’ Already?

Later, Kris, Twyla and I, the Very Reverend Dr. Randy Tyson, discuss happenings a-transpirin’ in Pennsylvania, where a teen is facing two years (http://news NULL.kron4 NULL.com/news/teen-could-get-two-years-for-facebook-photos-with-jesus-statue/) in juvie hall for a Facebook photo of himself saying ‘hello’ to Jesus in a special way; another mockumentary is coming out, this time it’s Nick Cage in a remake of that classic comedy Left Behind (http://www NULL.leftbehindmovie NULL.com/) trying to scare us in to conversion with fictional threats of the rapture; a US cardinal warns (http://www NULL.rightwingwatch NULL.org/content/cardinal-francis-george-says-american-catholics-are-being-forced-live-under-pro-gay-sharia-l) that America is under pro-gay Sharia law (say that without doing a spit-take). But first, local Imam Syed Soharwardy was threatened (http://calgary NULL.ctvnews NULL.ca/calgary-imam-attacked-1 NULL.2005185) in very red-neck fashion and I reveal a recent exchange I’ve had with him.

Episode 117 – Harry Potter Wannabes? There’s A Law For That…

I know it may seem like we haven’t done an episode in a while, and skipped episode numbers, but we’ve been recording them and I’m going to get rid of the backlog in reverse order. Summer is over in Calgary, and in a very sudden manner. Yesterday the outside temperature was in the mid twenties (high seventies for our metric friends), and today it snowed in parts of the city. And people wonder why I plan on moving to Hawaii. In this episode, an important voice in the atheism movement fell silent recently. Physicist, philosopher and author Victor Stenger passed away on August 25 (http://www NULL.sltrib NULL.com/sltrib/lifestyle/58369338-80/stenger-religion-science-atheism NULL.html NULL.csp) and we acknowledge some of his contributions. I attended Calgary’s Gay Pride Parade and give my impressions of the event. Later, we let out some frustrations over shopping carts and traffic, and a “fake” medium in Quebec City has been charged with pretending to sorcery (http://cnews NULL.canoe NULL.ca/CNEWS/Crime/2014/08/27/21901536 NULL.html). Seriously. That’s a law here. And finally, Kris challenges Twyla, Haysn and me to take the ice-bucket challenge. But first, a major shake-up in a leading skepticism organization (http://www NULL.randi NULL.org/site/index NULL.php/jref-news/2392-los-angeles-office-closed NULL.html).