Episode 129 – Golden Carter: Down the rabbit hole like Alice and back again

Late last year Golden Carter wrote a guest blog post on the Minnesota Farm Living website called A Mom’s Journey From “Food Babe” To Overcoming Her “Food Fears” (http://www NULL.mnfarmliving NULL.com/2014/12/moms-journey-food-babe-overcoming-food-fears NULL.html). In it, she described her well-intentioned journey into the world of food and pseudoscience represented in the most exquisite ignorance and stupidity by the likes of Vani Hari, the so-called “Food Babe”. Golden managed to claw her way back to reason to share her story, and it was shared all over the internet. In retrospect, this shouldn’t be surprising. There are many websites dedicated to debunking the claims of anti-GMO nuts and organic food snobs, but what is missing is the human side. Why do people go this direction in the first place? For those who have accomplished the task of getting out, what was the motivation? How do we get people to realize that they’re listening to the wrong people?

Episode 128 – Nous Sommes Charlie Hebdo

Last week saw a great tragedy in Paris with the brutal attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo that resulted in the deaths of 12 people. In this episode we look at the response to this barbarism around the world, from the continued assertions of denialists that religion has nothing to do with such violent acts to strong support for freedom of speech.

Website rebuild in progress….

Anyone wanting to access old podcast episodes via this webpage will be out of luck. I had some issues with my web host provider. They found some malware in my WordPress installation and shut it down without so much as a “how do you do”. I deleted the affected files, but you can see that pretty much all the old episodes are gone. You can still access them via podcatchers like iTunes and Stitcher, but to rebuild 126 episode entries is just too much.

Episode 127 – Ethics with Prof. Arthur Schafer

Join “Da Prez” Kris and me, the Very Irreverend Dr. Randy Tyson, in welcoming Professor Arthur Schafer (http://umanitoba NULL.ca/faculties/arts/departments/philosophy/ethics/Schafer NULL.html), who is the director of the Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics at the University of Manitoba, my alma mater. He is also a full professor in the Department of Philosophy and an ethics consultant for the Department of Paedatrics and Child Health at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg. He has also penned numerous articles for The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, The Winnipeg Free Press, The Medical Post, and The Sunday Times (London). In addition, he frequently appears on CBC, CTV and The Discovery Channel to discuss matters ethical in science, technology and medicine. I finally made good on my threat to invite Professor Schafer on the podcast to give us his perspective on recent developments in medical ethics in Canada and the influence of the pharmaceutical industry on medical practice.