Episode 157 – A Few Reasons for NOT Catholicism

Join Da Prez Kris and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, as we have another potpourri episode. We discuss the recent tiff between the NECSS and Richard Dawkins, his unfortunate stroke and the subsequent kiss-and-make-up; Pope Francis and Patriarch Kirill meet in Cuba to disrespect quite a few groups with their concord (why does the media even give this pompous, hat-wearing douchebags the time of day?); Alberta bishops have no shortage of things to bitch about, what with physician-assisted dying being legal an all (as well as an excellent op-ed by Paula Simon on why we should end public funding of Catholic health care); the recent missive sent to new bishops by the Vatican claiming that they do not have to inform local law enforcement of discovered instances of priestly pedophilia; And yet more Catholic crap in South America, where religious authority tells its adherents use contraception to reduce the number of new borns with zika-induced hypoencephalus is a sin.

Really. Is there no depth to which Catholic doctrine can’t sink?

Episode 156 – Bangladeshi Blogger Raihan Abir

Raihan Abir is a Bangaldeshi academic and biomedical engineer and for the last five years Abir has been working in the Department of Biomedical Physics and Technology at Dhaka University. He is a recipient of a International Science Program Fellowship from Uppsala University Sweden and is a science writer, human rights activist, freelance journalist and respected blogger in the Bangladeshi community. He is the author of two published books, including ‘The Philosophy of Disbelief” which he co-authored with murdered writer Avijit Roy. Before and after the killing of Ananta Bijoy Das, Abir was followed, threatened and extremists demanded The Philosophy of Disbelief be removed from publication. He came to Toronto for a biomedical conference in June of last year and extended his stay in the hopes that the situation in Bangledesh would improve. When his friend and fellow Mukto-Mona blogger Niloy Neel was attacked and killed in his own home, Abir decided to apply for refugee status for himself and his family. The violence in Bangladesh against secularists continued when in October of last year Abir’s publisher was seriously injured and fellow writer Faisal Arefeen Dipon was killed.

Abir, his wife Samia and their daughter Sophie now reside in Canada.

Thanks to Eric Adriaans of CFI Canada for helping Raihan and his family obtain refugee status and for facilitating getting in touch with him for the interview.

Episode 155 – American Atheist’s David Silverman and Imagine No Religion’s Bill Ligertwood

We have two interviews for you this episode, the first with American Atheist (http://atheists NULL.org/)‘s David Silverman (who joins us to talk about his new book Fighting God) and Bill Ligertwood joins us again to talk about this year’s Imagine No Religion (http://imaginenoreligion NULL.ca/) conference this May 20-22 in Vancouver, BC.