Episode 171 – Meandering Potpourri Talk After Recording Episode 170…

In this, the 171st edition of the Legion of Reason Diversion, yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson makes his case against Black Lives Matter (the organization, NOT the idea of black lives mattering – do not conflate those two!), censorship on Facebook, genetically-modified versus mutagenically-modified organisms, the Anglican church allowing same-sex marriage ceremonies, Catholic bishop in Philadelphia says remarried couples should abstain from sex, and an update on the Stephan case. Enjoy!

Episode 169 – Hope After Faith, with Bobby Cary and Jerry DeWitt

In the 169th episode we have as our special guests from the Hope After Faith (https://www NULL.spreaker NULL.com/user/hopeafterfaithpodcast) and No Religion Required (https://noreligionrequired NULL.com/)podcasts, Jerry DeWitt and Bobby Cary.