Episode 186 – Post-Trumpatic Stress Disorder

In this episode, join Kris, Twyla and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy, as we talk about the Trumpocalypse and the various levels of hysteria which has gone on in the aftermath. Before we get to that, however, we have a look at a new Charter of Rights and Freedoms court challenge in BC as Port Alberni public school students were made to take part in a First Nations “smudging ceremony”; Bill C-16, which adds requirements to federal human rights legislation that individuals be addressed by their preferred gender pronoun, is under protest by U of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson; and Unionen, Sweden’s largest union, has created a hotline for women whenever they feel mansplained to.

Episode 185 – Super Special Fantastic Ichiban Election Episode!

Faisal Saeed Al Mutar (founder of the Global Secular Humanist Movement), Aron Ra (president of Atheist Alliance of America) and Lilandra Nelson join Christine, Twyla and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson to talk election talk. Before that, though, we discuss the bruhaha the Southern Poverty Law Center caused in naming Maajid Nawaz and Aayan Hirsi Ali as “anti-Muslim extremists” and Aron Ra gives us his impersonation of Bernie Saunders.