Episode 189 – 2016: The Year That Was…

Later in this episode we look back at 2016 and the people we interviewed and the stories we covered. Then Tom Leeds returns for a cameo. But first we take a look at the rise of the pseudoscientific allergy elimination clinics and the Canadian government looks to expand who can access medical assistance in dying.

Episode 188 – Interview: Tom Leeds, Atheist YouTuber

We interview Tom Leeds, Atheist YouTuber.

Episode 187 – The Tail Wagging The Dog and Other Stories

In this the 187th episode of the Legion of Reason Diversion, join yours truly, the Supremely-Bigoted Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, the Internally-Misogynized Christine and the Constantly-Triggered Twyla, as we discuss the trial of a Calgary woman accused of failing to provide the necessaries of life for her son because of her distrust of modern medicine began this past week.The trial of Bountiful BC FLDS parents charged with removing their daughters from Canada for sexual purposes has been going on in Cranbrook, AB. We take a look at some of the revelations from their diaries that were introduced as evidence. Two Winnipeg faith-based hospitals announce they will violate patient rights and not allow medical aid in dying to those who request it. And on The Regressive Left Files, we have the story of one of the greatest cases of Poe’s Law ever perpetrated. It is GLORIOUS. But first we go a little afield from our usual topics and discuss the recent death of dictator Fidel Castro.