Episode 195 – Potpourri

Tonight’s mashup of stories includes events surrounding Motion 103 put forward by a Liberal MP in the House of Commons; the chair of the Edmonton public school board’s idea of cost-saving measures is to offer Catholic faith programming; A website promoting a Muslim conference in Melbourne, Australia does the magic trick of making women speakers disappear; animal rights activists storm church demanding pets be treated like Christians; Cardinal Raymond Burke tells attendees of medical ethics conference in Columbus, Ohio that the need for Catholic health care has never been greater; police investigate anti-Muslim rally outside Toronto mosque as possible hate crime.

Episode 193 – Bad Science Watch with guest Michael Kruse

Michael Kruse joins the Legion of Reason this week. Michael is executive director of Bad Science Watch. The mission of Bad Science Watch (http://www NULL.badsciencewatch NULL.ca/) is to “provide analysis of dubious scientific claims to Canadians, our government, and the media, promote objective critical thinking, and advocate for the enforcement and strengthening of consumer protection regulation.” They’ve been at the forefront of the fight against recognizing homeopathic vaccines known as nosodes and claims that WiFi can affect public health.