Episode 202 – Potpourri with Guest Co-Host Kevin Francis

Welcome to the 202nd episode of LoRD, the Legion of Reason Diversion! Kris and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, are joined by Kevin Francis from our friends at the Left at the Valley podcast (http://www NULL.leftatthevalley NULL.com/). In this episode, we look at a variety of stories, including the decision by the premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, to invoke the rarely-used constitutional sledgehammer known as the “notwithstanding” clause to overrule a judge’s decision on non-Catholic students attending Catholic schools; the oppression of atheists continues around the world, with one atheist in Russia facing over three years in prison for playing Pokemon Go in a Russian Orthodox church and another sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for the crime of becoming a nonbeliever; the Catholic Church of Canada wants to consecrate this country to the Virgin Mary despite no one asking; in the Regressive Left Files we take a look at a modern-day witch hunt in academia; anthropologist Fuambi Ahamadu calls female genital mutilation “gender egalitarian surgery” on national tv; and finally, we cover more hijab nonsense.

Episode 201 Pt 2 – Potpourri

Episode 201 Pt 1 – Guest Cami Ryan

In this episode we are joined by Cami Ryan (https://camiryan NULL.com/), a social scientist with Regulatory Policy and Scientific Affairs for Monsanto. We also tackle a number of items:

In a far-reaching decision a Saskatchewan judge says non-Catholics can not attend Catholic schools;

A publicly-funded Catholic school in Red Deer shows an anti-choice video comparing abortion to the Holocaust;

Two Michigan doctors have been charged with “conspiracy to commit female genital mutilation”;

MAID for the mentally ill advocate Adam Maier-Clayton took his own life last week;

The Ontario government rejects so-called “conscience rights” for doctors opposed to MAID;

Pakistani student Mashal Khan is beaten to death by fellow students.