Episode 225 – Guest Mariam Shareefy

Mariam is a Pashtun, humanist, socialist, rock climber, women’s rights advocate, and refugee activist, who has spent her life working to empower women, children, refugees and ex-Muslims. A refugee from the Taliban, she is now living in the United States and is a strong advocate of the ban on full face covering as it devalues, degrades, and dehumanize women and is a key national security issue. We discuss with Mariam how the ideology of hijab limits a woman’s access to education, work and healthcare.

Episode 224 – Potpourri

Topics include: The Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman debacle. Toronto’s Ryerson U is quickly earning a name for itself, and not a good one. This time it’s the site of the White Privilege Conference in May. February 1 is World Hijab Day, and MTV’s Decoded (so woke!) has a typically obtuse view on this symbol of religious misogyny. The Atheist Conference is in New York City is DEAD, and social justice killed it. And yet there are those who believe social justice warriors are the true defenders of ‘free speech’. Riiiiiiiiight.