Episode 228 – Potpourri

It’s April 1st, and how could Easter be on a more appropriate day? Okay, maybe Halloween would be slightly more appropriate for zombies. In today’s episode…. A mother tries to prove the existence of god to her children by letting Jesus take the wheel. In Catholic Watch, Pope Francis refuses to apologize to victims of church-run residential schools. A petition to change the name of an Ottawa ice cream dispensary has received around 10,000 signatures. A boycott has been called to force Sweet Jesus to change its name. May I offer the suggestion of Holy Hell as a new name? In Toronto, debate over Muslim prayer accommodation in public schools erupted into Qur’an shredding and police were forced to shut down the school district meeting. Iqra Khalid, Liberal MP for MIssissauga-Erin Mills, weighed in on Twitter expressing the hope of swift justice. On what charge, I have no idea. Scottish YouTuber Mike Meechan was convicted of a hate crime for the misdeed of filming his pug performing Nazi salutes. Comedians such as Ricky Gervais condemned the decision.

Episode 227 – Potpourri

Lawrence Krauss has responded to the allegations made in the Buzzfeed article and ASU has placed him on paid leave while they investigate. Regardless of the veracity of the allegations, that Buzzfeed article was atrocious. A BC school district shows us how not to fight racism. The hijabless woman who stood on a power junction box in Tehran is sentenced to two years imprisonment for the crime of uncovering her hair in public. Seriously. And it’s not like Iranian prisons are up to Western standards, either. People have a tendency to die in them rather suddenly. Where’s Linda Sarsour’s outrage? Where is the outrage from feminists? And more from the Regressive Left Files… Pomona College in Claremont. California has included a mandatory “decolonizing project” in their physics program. to go along with their mathematics classes which include social justice issues in its introduction to statistics. Our friend David Ince from the Freethinking Island podcast calls in to give his thoughts on race issues (long-time listeners will understand when I winced at his use of the word “problematic”…).

Episode 226 – Potpourri

Lawrence Krauss is the latest to be accused of sexual misconduct in an article posted in Buzzfeed. David Stephan was an invited speaker to several “wellness” expos, including here in Calgary, to ply his supplements. The public outcry, including the withdrawal of sponsorship from the likes of Sobeys and others, was loud and has since been disinvited. The real question is why Stephan was invited in the first place; a homeopathy diploma program at Ontario’s Georgian College; Several upcoming events including the AB Secular Conference in May and Richard Dawkins/Carolyn Porco in October will be discussed.

Episode 225 – Guest Mariam Shareefy

Mariam is a Pashtun, humanist, socialist, rock climber, women’s rights advocate, and refugee activist, who has spent her life working to empower women, children, refugees and ex-Muslims. A refugee from the Taliban, she is now living in the United States and is a strong advocate of the ban on full face covering as it devalues, degrades, and dehumanize women and is a key national security issue. We discuss with Mariam how the ideology of hijab limits a woman’s access to education, work and healthcare.

Episode 224 – Potpourri

Topics include: The Jordan Peterson/Cathy Newman debacle. Toronto’s Ryerson U is quickly earning a name for itself, and not a good one. This time it’s the site of the White Privilege Conference in May. February 1 is World Hijab Day, and MTV’s Decoded (so woke!) has a typically obtuse view on this symbol of religious misogyny. The Atheist Conference is in New York City is DEAD, and social justice killed it. And yet there are those who believe social justice warriors are the true defenders of ‘free speech’. Riiiiiiiiight.

Episode 223 – Potpourri

Time for another potpourri episode! Topics include the new coffee enema from Goop (ain’t that an aptly named purveyor of woo…), this morning’s attack on a schoolgirl’s hijab with scissors, a BC man is charged with selling miracle tonic remarkably like bleach, Iran protests, the recent push to get woo enabler Oprah to run for president.

Episode 222 – Guest Cathy Young

Journalist Cathy Young joins us to discuss some of the social justice assertions and how they stack up against reality. She is a Russian-born American journalist who has written articles for quite a few major papers, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Newsday, The New Republic, The Wall Street Journal, The American Spectator, National Review, Salon.com, The Weekly Standard, and Reason. Cathy has also written several books, including “Ceasefire!: Why Women and Men Must Join Forces to Achieve True Equality”.

Episode 221 – Guest Jessica Schab – Memoirs of a Former Mystic

Jessica Schab joins us for the final podcast episode of 2017 to describe how she fell down the rabbit hole of mysticism and how she clawed her way back.

Episode 220 – Guest Sheldon Helms/Potpourri

Sheldon Helms from the ShelShocked Podcast joins us in the first half of this episode to discuss so-called “gay conversion therapy”. Afterwards we’ll have more to say on the Laurier Lindsay Shepherd incident and other topics.

Episode 219 – Guest Seth Andrews

Our guest this evening is Seth Andrews, aka The Thinking Atheist. A former Christian music DJ, apostate Seth has written two books Deconverted and Sacred Cows, and continues to have an impact on new nonbelievers. He joins us to discuss a variety of topics.