Episode 200 Pt 1 – Fighting Campus Regressive Leftists – Guest Dorian Banman

Later on in this episode we get to some juicy stories, including a CBC report which outlines how the Alberta government has been funding unproven experimental health programs on the elderly and homeless; Ayaan Hirsi Ali cancels a visit to the Land Down Under because of threats on her person from Islamists; Conrad Black goes after atheism and predictably fails with his usual condescension; and apparently being a Black Lives Matter zealot can get you anything, even an entry into the Ivy League.

But before we get to those items, Dorian Banman, a student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton and known on YouTube as Former Reformer King, is suing the educational institution and we’re going to let him tell his story as to why.

Former Reformer King YouTube page (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/channel/UCkSmTAzadCWDxuViEx-hLRQ).
Dorian’s Go Fund Me page (https://www NULL.gofundme NULL.com/help-me-hold-the-uofa-accountable).

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