Episode 50 – Avec Tracie Harris

My wife and I were at the local Safeway today and I was perusing through the National Geographics on the magazine rack and out of the corner of my I spot one called – wait for it! – “The Law of Attraction”. You know, the whole “the secret” thing. A whole magazine dedicated to the belief that the universe gives a damn about the reader and to the proposition that if the reader would only picture good things happening to them that they will? If I think positively about a world devoid of religious belief would the universe reward me by making it so? I don’t think so.

Well, today we are in for a treat. Tracie Harris of “The Atheist Experience (http://www NULL.atheist-experience NULL.com/)” and “Godless Bitches (http://godlessbitches NULL.podbean NULL.com/)” fame is the first of what are to be many guests this year on the Legion of Reason. We had a great time chatting about her coming out as an atheist and we shared a little Canadian insanity in the form of two news items. One of those we discussed a bit last week, the letter several backbenchers sent to the RCMP requesting late term abortions be investigated as “potential murders” (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/politics/story/2013/01/31/pol-cp-conservative-mps-rcmp-letter-abortion-homicide NULL.html). The other was the cessation of financial support from the federal government for an anti-gay faith-based organization (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/politics/story/2013/02/10/pol-cp-anti-gay-religious-group-gets-funding-from-ottawa-to-work-in-africa NULL.html) doing relief work in anti-gay Uganda. We’re more American than we often consider.

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A shameless skeptic with no patience for foolish nonsense and relishes nothing more than busting balloons filled with hot air. And, yes. I'm an atheist, for the same reason that I am a-homeopathic, a-chiropractic, a-reiki, etc. Atheism is a conclusion of modern skepticism applied to religious claims every bit as much as I don't buy into the Bigfoot myth. You want me to accept your claim? Show mete evidence, and it had best be better than the typical "Oh, but the evidence is all around you!" That gets no traction with me. But that doesn't mean my mind can't be changed. I'm no contrarian. I just happen to have more respect for myself than to fall for arguments like "You can't prove it isn't true!"

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  1. Hey guys!

    There are no Canadian laws per se for late-term abortion, but every profession has a governing body that has regulations, and the medical profession is so exception. Province to province, there are strict regulations on abortion, even though there is no criminal law in Canada against it.

    There are very specific circumstances where a late-term abortion will be performed according to the medical regulations in each province, and they include basically life of the mother as the only exception.

    So whereas a doctor will not be punished under the criminal code for a late-term abortion that was not medically necessary, he or she may lose their licence.

    So the fact that there are no LEGAL restrictions on abortions in Canada is kind of mis-leading, as that doesn’t mean that they are simply allowed.

  2. This is an excellent point, Allison, and puts another facet of stupid on the whole letter. Vellacourt et al must have some “mad doctor” view of abortion providers. This is, of course, far from the truth. One doesn’t put up with the shenanigans of anti-choice activists because of a lack of ethics. I’ll bring this comment up in the next episode.

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