Hippity-Hop Flip-Flop

[First posted to the Freethinkers Mailing List (http://groups NULL.google NULL.com/group/freethinkers-club/browse_thread/thread/85764bea8be9275a)]

Canada’s Public Safety Minister, Vic Toews, pushed to get rid of the gun registry because it was an invasion of a citizen’s privacy. He also helped gut our Census, on the grounds that it was spying on our private lives.

A few months later, he’s pushing Bill C30. Currently, if the police want your address, emails, and any other communication you fire through an ISP, they have to get a warrant first. If C30 passes, they can just demand it. Also, ISPs have to build in secret back-doors to allow the police to snoop on you, again with no warrant necessary.

Vic claims C30 is needed in order to protect children from internet predators. Oddly enough, the bill only mentions “internet predators” once: it’s called the “Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act.”

If the Conservatives are trying to be the Republicans of the North, flip-flopping about major issues and attacking anyone who dare point that out (http://freethoughtblogs NULL.com/lousycanuck/2012/02/21/vic-toews-gun-registries-are-invasion-of-privacy-internet-snooping-is-great-though/) is a logical next step…

HJ Hornbeck