LoR – Episode 14

We have two stories to bring to you this week. The first is another Saskatoon item. Apparently, the Catholic Church there thinks they have need for a professional exorcist. Makes your head spin, don’t it? Okay, enough of the Linda Blair jokes. The second item is an example of how offense can be taken no matter how innocuous things are, at least in Kamloops. A picture of a woman in a niqab holding up a bra was so abhorrent that it was removed from where it was being displayed. Is this really an appropriate response to being offended? We don’t think so….

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A shameless skeptic with no patience for foolish nonsense and relishes nothing more than busting balloons filled with hot air. And, yes. I'm an atheist, for the same reason that I am a-homeopathic, a-chiropractic, a-reiki, etc. Atheism is a conclusion of modern skepticism applied to religious claims every bit as much as I don't buy into the Bigfoot myth. You want me to accept your claim? Show mete evidence, and it had best be better than the typical "Oh, but the evidence is all around you!" That gets no traction with me. But that doesn't mean my mind can't be changed. I'm no contrarian. I just happen to have more respect for myself than to fall for arguments like "You can't prove it isn't true!"