A Quick Reminder

[First posted to the Freethinkers Mailing List (https://groups NULL.google NULL.com/forum/?fromgroups#!topic/freethinkers-club/XFF_zjlJ1Sk)]

It started out as a joke: what was the least offensive atheist-related advertising that would still be considered offensive?

We now know the answer: “Atheists (http://www NULL.justinvacula NULL.com/2012/02/really-really-really-inoffensive NULL.html).”

Many atheist advertisement campaigns have been considered ‘offensive’ by religious individuals and some atheists, including myself, have wondered what exactly offended. Was is the mere fact that atheists making their presence known offensive to religious people? Perhaps the word “atheist” offends people? To ‘test’ this and to advertise the NEPA Freethought Society — a local community group of on-theists in Northeastern PA — and American Atheists, I contacted the County of Lackawanna Transit System (COLTS) with serious intentions to run the bus ad you can see above. […]

Jim Smith, the advertising contact at COLTS, said that the reason for
refusal — appealing to the very questionable and vague advertising
policy of COLTS — was that COLTS does not accept ads which could be
deemed controversial or otherwise spark public debate.

Ah yes. To all the atheists out there: your very existence is controversial, and may anger your theist neighbors. If you wish to avoid offense. please reconsider your desire to breathe.

HJ Hornbeck, with an assist to Jen McCreight (http://freethoughtblogs NULL.com/blaghag/2012/02/those-radical-offensive-atheists/).