A novel solution

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OK, so your priest is a convicted sex offender, and according to the law can’t be unsupervised near small children. What to do?

According to a local Jacksonville news affiliate, Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church has banned children from attending Sunday services because their new pastor, Darrell Gilyard, is a registered sex offender and cannot have contact with children.[…]

Despite the seriousness of his offense, Gilyard’s return to the pulpit was swift. After being released from jail on December 28, he resumed preaching in January, and told reporters he hopes he can move past this incident and continue with his work.

Points for originality (http://clergygonewild NULL.com/sex-abuse/34-child-abuse/1424--florida-church-bans-children-to-keep-pedophile-pastor), I guess. And since priests are just normal people like the rest of us, with no special insight into orality or ethics, it’s perfectly natural to go out of your way to ccommodate them and listen to their interpretation of holy writ.*

HJ Hornbeck

* I’ve had someone hit me with that one in person. Religion does strange things to people…