Episode 211 – Calgary Pride’s Regrettable Decison

Helen Beach, head of the local chapter of the Centre for Inquiry, and our gay correspondent Shane Plesiuk join us to discuss the recent regrettable decision by Calgary Pride to ban members of the Calgary Police Services to participate in uniform. Note: I reached out to Calgary Pride to include a representative of their organization and received no response by on-air time.

Episode 34 – Listener comment and other stuff

Welcome once again, Legionnaires! I’ve been delinquent in getting this episode on the intertubes as there’s a lot happening right now in my personal life, and it can go one of two ways from here: it could get really, really quiet, or really, REALLY hectic. So, I’m an episode behind as we recorded the next one last night. Anyway, we discuss a good listener comment – not everything about which we agree with, but a good one nonetheless – and you can go to our website to find it and sing along. Some other weirdness happened to me that weekend at our garage sale. Either I’m a woo magnet or nonsense is more prevalent in the population than I’d feared. The director of CFI Calgary Nate Phelps has put out a call to arms asking for volunteers to help fight Bishop Fred Henry and his war on young women in schools. You can email Nate (nphelps null@null cficanada NULL.ca) or message him on Facebook if you are interested. And there’s a bit of other bric-a-brac we discuss as the conversation meanders like the blue waters of the Danube ….