Episode 113 – Jeebuz, Jeebuz, and more Jeebuz…

While not necessarily a bad thing, choosing the anti-choice Christian group the Edmonton Pregnancy Care Centre wasn’t exactly a stellar decision. Eighteen-year-old Emily Dawson and her mother Kathy have filed a human rights complaint (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-school-board-drops-abstinence-based-sex-ed-after-complaint-1 NULL.2704291) as a result. But in true Canadian fashion, the school board has temporarily suspended it’s reliance on this clearly inappropriate group rather quickly. But we wonder why this group was chosen by a PUBLIC school board in the first place? Imitating some of the lunacy south of the 49th parallel, Kelowna mayoral candidate Kelly Row wants to run on the Jeebuz ticket (http://www NULL.castanet NULL.net/news/Kelowna/119082/Mayoralty-bid-God-s-calling). Kelownans, both east and west varieties, let’s create a new parable and teach him the error of his ways when it comes time to vote. Pope Frank makes our podcast yet again in his recurring role of religious immoralist. Frank claims that 2% of priests are of the pedophelia bent (http://www NULL.abc NULL.net NULL.au/news/2014-07-13/pope-promises-solutions-to-priestly-celibacy-report-says/5593408), but other members of his organization dispute that number and think he has vastly low-balled it (http://www NULL.abc NULL.net NULL.au/news/2014-07-14/church-body-says-4pc-of-clergy-have-been-paedophiles/5596540). Kris gives us a report of her experiences at The Amaz!ng Meeting in Las Vegas and the panel she was a part of there. Gordon Klingenschmitt thinks atheists need to be exorcised if they feel uncomfortable in a church. And finally, Ken Ham sees no point in looking for extraterrestrial life (http://www NULL.salon NULL.com/2014/07/21/ken_ham_wants_to_end_the_u_s_space_program_because_aliens_can%E2%80%99t_have_salvation/) because, well, “he has a book.” But first, I want to remind people that the deadline for having your say to the College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario (http://policyconsult NULL.cpso NULL.on NULL.ca/?page_id=3403) on the ethics of physicians refusals to provide or even discuss legal and often necessary therapeutic choices with their patients is rapidly approaching, and I urge everyone to provide why they feel this is (or isn’t, as the case may be) an ethical provision of their guidelines on conduct. I’ve given them my 2 cents’ worth and I urge our listeners to chime in themselves.

Editing of episodes 14 and 15 are done!

In 14, we discuss the offending merits of the photo of a woman in a niqab holding up a bra. Seriously, some find this offensive, at least in Kamloops. Also, we talk about demons on Saskatoon. Again, seriously. But it’s hard to keep a straight face.

In 15, we have an interview with Iain Martel, co-chair of CFI Canada’s Committee for the Advancement of Scientific Skepticism and their scientific adivosory capacity in a recently launched class action suit against Shoppers Drug Mart for false claims listed on a homeopathic remedy for flu (the infamous oscillococcum).

Tomorrow I shall unleash hell!!!!