Episode 49 – Following Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

Welcome once again to the Legion of Reason! Kris, the ever feisty Twylla, Haysn and I make like Alice and dive into the insanity that can result from the intersection of religion, alternative-to-medicine and conspiracy paranoia. Yes, we have found an example of the skepticism trifecta! Next up we anti-vaccination proponent Jenny McCarthy (of the Jenny McCarthy bodycount infamy). She was invited as a guest fitness instructor for an Ottawa cancer fundraiser called “Bust A Move”, but was dropped after a backlash by skeptics. Victory is ours! And we are going to have a special guest co-host next Sunday, but you’re going to have to listen to the damn episode to find out who! And the coming Darwin Day on February 12 has officially been recognized in the province of Saskatchewan and the city of Vancouver! Great accomplishment! And several Conservative backbenchers attempt yet another end-run around the fact that abortion is legal by – wait for it! – claiming that abortions being performed after 20 weeks gestation are “possible homicides”, and want the RCMP to investigate! Oy… But first, we discuss the question of whether prosthyletizing in the workplace is – as a recent Billy Graham Ministries video makes it out to be – appropriate behavior. Spoiler alert: the answer is HELLS no!

Billy Graham video: That Awkward Moment When You Try to Share Your Faith (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=0fQ4K3lyZFE)
Saskatoon’s Shiloh Biblical Institute of Natural Medicine (http://www NULL.sbinm NULL.com/)
Director Carol Bird’s bio (http://www NULL.sbinm NULL.com/#!faculty-and-staff/c1a8i)
Supposed leaked Pentagon video: FunVax (http://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=2MuXgpl2Sxg)
Official Darwin Day recognition in Saskatchewan (http://saskskeptics NULL.com/2013/02/03/2013-saskatchewan-darwin-day-recognition/) and in the city of Vancouver (http://darwinday NULL.org/proclamations/vancouver-canada-darwin-day-proclamation-2/)
Julia Belluz’s Science-ish article on the Jenny McCarthy debacle (http://www2 NULL.macleans NULL.ca/2013/02/01/how-did-anti-vaccine-campaigner-jenny-mccarthy-earn-a-platform-at-an-fundraiser-for-cancer-care/) in Mcleans