Episode 202 – Potpourri with Guest Co-Host Kevin Francis

Welcome to the 202nd episode of LoRD, the Legion of Reason Diversion! Kris and yours truly, the Supreme Irreverend Doctor Randy Tyson, are joined by Kevin Francis from our friends at the Left at the Valley podcast (http://www NULL.leftatthevalley NULL.com/). In this episode, we look at a variety of stories, including the decision by the premier of Saskatchewan, Brad Wall, to invoke the rarely-used constitutional sledgehammer known as the “notwithstanding” clause to overrule a judge’s decision on non-Catholic students attending Catholic schools; the oppression of atheists continues around the world, with one atheist in Russia facing over three years in prison for playing Pokemon Go in a Russian Orthodox church and another sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for the crime of becoming a nonbeliever; the Catholic Church of Canada wants to consecrate this country to the Virgin Mary despite no one asking; in the Regressive Left Files we take a look at a modern-day witch hunt in academia; anthropologist Fuambi Ahamadu calls female genital mutilation “gender egalitarian surgery” on national tv; and finally, we cover more hijab nonsense.

In defense of determinism….

Jerry made quite a kurfuffle with his op-ed piece in USA Today denying the existence of ‘free will’ (http://www NULL.usatoday NULL.com/news/opinion/forum/story/2012-01-01/free-will-science-religion/52317624/1), and ably deals with his detractors (http://whyevolutionistrue NULL.wordpress NULL.com/2012/01/03/readers-comments-on-my-free-will-piece-and-my-responses/).

We can dispense with those critics that are dualists. This is simply an untenable position both philosophically and experimentally. It isn’t just that there is no evidence for dualism, but that there is a mountain of evidence against it. Split-brain studies, behavior modification through pharmaceuticals and pulsed magnetic fields, and brain injury case studies – all point to the mind being what the brain does. Nothing else is required. (And, please… No mention of near-death experiences. One need not be near death to experience NDEs, as they can be induced in the laboratory, and occur in a well known disorder known as ‘autoscopy’ (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/Autoscopy).) There were even those that cited CS Lewis, and as Randy’s First Rule of Argumentation states, anyone that uses CS Lewis as an authority automatically loses the argument. Yeesh.
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