Episode 8 – Interview with cosmologist Lawrence Krauss

Another week, another episode. Cosmologist Lawrence Krauss was in town last Thursday evening to give us a glimpse of the current state of answering the ultimate origin question, “How did the universe begin?” We interview Professor Krauss and get his views on secularism and critical thinking in the pubic arena and how best to instill the value of science in school children. We also visit yet again the anti-vaccination claims presented to inquiring parents by representatives of Xerion Homoeopathie in another episode of the “As My Stomach Turned…” saga. Enjoy!

Podcast Episode 7

Christine, Graham and Randy discuss some good news in the fight for a secular education “alternative” in the town of Morinville, Alberta. Listeners will remember from a few episodes ago that in Morinville – a town just north of Edmonton with a population of 8,500 – has four schools, all of them Catholic despite the fact that only 40% of its inhabitants are Catholic. Sticking on the subject of religion and schooling, we go through the recent Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on mandatory ethics and religion program in Quebec. Parents uninterested in having their children exposed to the reality of the existence of different faiths wanted to “turn on, tune in, and opt out”. The Quebec government said no, and the highest court in the land agreed.

Episode 3 of The Legion of Reason Podcast now available!

A peculiar situation arising from historical contingency has been brewing in the town of Morinville, Alberta. With a population of 8500, one would expect that at least a portion of Morinville’s schools would be public and secular, but not one is. The result is a curious situation where the Catholic school board is also the public one.

Helen, Randy and Twyla discuss separate school systems in Alberta (and Canada in general), its history and the fight by Donna Hunter and other parents for secular education of their children.

And the battle isn’t over yet….