Episode 164 – Potpourri

It’s naturopathy awareness week, and we wanted to make sure everyone is aware that there is no such thing as alternative medicine. Rather, it’s alternative TO medicine. In this, the 164th installment, we look at the tragedy that unfolded in northern Alberta while I was away; legislation covering physician assisted dying was introduced by the federal government and we go over the major points; a verdict was handed down, rather quickly too, in the trial of the parents of Ezekiel Stephan, who died from a wholly treatable illness in Lethbridge; CFI Canada presented a petition to Premier Brad Wall to end prayer in the Saskatchewan legislature; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is trying to improve its image in Canada by promoting the less evil side of Saudi culture without all the burkas and severed heads; more voices of dissent in Bangladesh have been violently silenced; and finally, more from the Regressive Left Files. At the University of Massachusetts, regressives attempted to disrupt a talk they didn’t like, and at Oxford, law professors rudely find out what regressive left means.


Episode 162 – Potpourri

In this 162nd chapter of the podcast we learn that Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom is dead; Andrew Wakefield’s blockbuster expose was pulled from Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Festival; Parents of 19-month old Ezekiel Stephan tried to treat his lung infection and meningitis with such powerful medicines as maple syrup and horseradish root with unfortunately predictable results. But first, we have to tackle the elephant in the room: the recent acquittal of Jian Ghomeshi who was charged with four counts of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by choking.

Episode 108 – Upcoming Vatican Reaffirmation of Dogma, Liver and Herbs, Rob Schneider Remains Unfunny

This is the last episode before we pack up and head off to Imagine No Religion (http://imaginenoreligion NULL.ca/) in Kamloops sans Haysn, who will be at Women in Secularism (http://www NULL.womeninsecularism NULL.org/) down south. So we’ll have a lot to report in the next instalment. But first things first. In this episode we discuss an upcoming debate in the Vatica (http://www NULL.latimes NULL.com/world/europe/la-fg-vatican-family-20140430-story NULL.html#page=1)n on its teachings on divorce, birth control and same-sex marriage. Will Randy have to cough up a bottle of whiskey to Kris? The use of herbs is increasingly becoming a major cause of liver damage (http://www NULL.medpagetoday NULL.com/MeetingCoverage/AASLD/42744) according to medical experts. But first, more anti-vaccine nonsense from naturopaths and chiropractors, with Rob Schneider lending his voice to a video (http://www NULL.huffingtonpost NULL.ca/2014/05/02/measles-alberta-naturopaths-anti-vaccine_n_5150252 NULL.html) going around on their websites. Yes, the comedian who brought you such fine films as Deuce Bigalow and The Animal is selling anti-vaccine crap, which is about as funny as his comedy.

Episode 61 – More Potpourri…

This week Kris, Twylla, Haysn (who we lose to a power outtage) and I look at a casual reference to an example of Christian privilege as it relates to losing one’s job after 40 (http://www NULL.canada NULL.com/business/Good+choices+make+loss+easier/8277955/story NULL.html) (thanks to my wife for that one), a paper published in the Canadian Medical Associaton Journal (http://www NULL.cmaj NULL.ca/content/early/2013/04/29/cmaj NULL.120567) which uses a tactic taken from the marketing manual from Big Pharma that tries to sell naturopathy in addition to seeing a real medical practitioner, and answer a comment from our website. But first, we debrief everyone on a couple of CFI Calgary events that happened this week: George Hrab’s appearance and a protest against oppression of atheists in Bangladesh (http://www NULL.washingtonpost NULL.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/05/06/atheists-must-be-hanged-raw-video-from-islamist-street-clashes-in-bangladesh/) exercising freedom of speech, for which 20 people came out in support.

LoR – Episode 29

This will, alas, be the last update for the next couple of weeks. But there’s always the Olympics! This week we get the scivy about Christine’s talk at The Amaz!ng Meeting in Vegas, and the Alberta government legitimizes naturopathy by creating a self-regulatory body for the quacks, as well as discussing various other bric-a-brac (Bishop Fred ‘Fucking’ Henry gets mentioned!).

See you all after the kitchen renovations!