Episode 178 – Avec Guest Cohost Sean McGuire

In this, the 178th episode of LoRD, the Legion of Reason Diversion, we are joined by fellow Canadian podcaster Sean McGuire in another potpourri episode. We visit the story we forgot on the last episode, a victim of chiropractic sues for damages after a series of strokes following 48 sessions… We discuss the French burkini ban and its subsequent lifting… What it means for a Muslim woman to be American… A study showing the prevalence of extremist literature in Canadian mosques, Islamic schools and public libraries… Tips from Catholic priests for making your next confession special… MoFo Teresa is up for sainthood and we examine her life… Social justice crusader PZ Myers on Dogma Debate and why he is just insufferable… And finally we discuss Ellen DeGeneres infamous photoshoping job.

LoR Episode 20 – A Discussion With PZ Myers and Matt Dillahunty

Welcome once again to another episode of The Legion of Reason to risk your eternal soul to hellfire once again!

Ever wonder what you get when you put Matt Dillahunty and PZ Myers together with a round of double margaritas? Wonder no further! We sat down with them at Imagine No Religion 2 on the May long weekend. That’s later in the podcast. Several of the Legion were in attendence and we share our thoughts on the experience.

We also look at how the Ontario government violating the right of Catholic school boards to prohibit using the words “gay straight alliance” as a student club description. Oh, of course! That was NEVER their right!

But first Graham talks about money, nakedness and how those Canadians deficient in their own history see one in the other in the soon-to-come-out Canadian 20 dollar bill. It seems people will find any way go get offended over anything…

Episode 10 of the Legion of Reason Podcast

10! One of those meaningless numbers we make arbitrary attachments to because of a number base prejudice. It could be much more fun to celebrate things in base 2 system. More excuse to have fun. But still….. 10! Cool.

Anyhow, in this latest episode Twylla, Haysn and I discuss a circumcision horror story I came across after recording episode 9. Also, PZ Myers was in town last Thursday to give us some insight into what we should and should not expect intelligent alien life to look like. Lastly, we find that if one has enough money it is possible to entice a university to sell out. Tom Droog, ex-sunflower seed mogul, forked over $1M to help create a professorship for complementary and alternative medicine at the University of Lethbridge. Sliding woo into universities is no longer done stealthily, but in a shameless and brazen manner. I weep for the children, I do.