Episode 132 – Bacon. Is there anything it can’t do?

Later on in this installment, Christine, Twyla and yours truly, the Very Irreverend Dr Randy Tyson give kudos to CBC Marketplace (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/marketplace/episodes/2014-2015/drugstore-remedies-licence-to-deceive) demonstrates how ridiculously easy it is to obtain a license from Health Canada to sell a natural remedy; yet another Conservative MP comes out of the creationist closet (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/player/News/TV+Shows/ID/2656936485/?page=3) and we get to listen to former leader of the Canadian Reform Alliance Party (which, by the way, in Freudian manner spells out ‘CRAP’) confuses the right to hold a belief with demanding respect for beliefs; Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the House of Commons calls the niqab “anti-women” (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/politics/harper-says-overwhelming-majority-agrees-with-tories-on-niqabs-1 NULL.2990439); and finally while Islam needs its Voltaire, the town of Taber, Alberta needs its Kevin Bacon (http://www NULL.taber NULL.ca/DocumentCenter/View/1006, http://www NULL.calgarysun NULL.com/2015/03/10/town-of-taber-alberta-moves-to-ban-swearing) to Footloose away the anti-swearing and anti-assembly provision of its “Community Standards” bylaw. But first, our very own Christine Shellska read a statement to the Commission for Social Development (https://www NULL.youtube NULL.com/watch?v=Eok1jRSsBtc&feature=youtu NULL.be) promoting secular values (as well as some unfinished business involving a bottle of Johnny Walker).

Episode 80 – Wherein We Witness the Rage of Kris!

Welcome to Episode 80 of the Legion of Reason! This week Kris, Haysn and I talk on a number of subjects, including a study on the poor quality assurance of herbal supplements (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/health/herbal-product-contamination-considerable-dna-tests-find-1 NULL.1959278?cmp=fbtl) that may be a significant health risk to consumers, another nail in the coffin (which at this point is overkill) for liberation therapy treatment of multiple sclerosis in a new Canadian study published in The Lancet (http://www NULL.ctvnews NULL.ca/health/no-link-between-narrowed-veins-and-ms-canadian-led-study-1 NULL.1489194), and a bill introduced in the Quebec National Assembly by the opposition as an alternative to the Parti Quebecois’ Charter of Values (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/canada/montreal/qu%C3%A9bec-solidaire-proposes-unifying-secular-charter-1 NULL.1931400). But first, we discover two of Kris’ hot button issues. Later, you can hear Kris go on a tirade over the Harper government’s refusal to contribute to abortion access for victims of war rape (http://www NULL.ctvnews NULL.ca/politics/canadian-money-won-t-go-to-abortion-for-war-rape-victims-paradis-1 NULL.1483803). But first, the Edmonton public school system has been bringing in an anti-choice group (http://www NULL.edmontonjournal NULL.com/news/Paula+Simons+Wait+Does+Christian+based+belong+public+schools/8999795/story NULL.html) – such groups being well-known to make up birth control and abortion risks – to teach children about abstinence as a choice in sex education classes. What the hell?

This is the last chance to get a letter to Michael Enright. I will be mailing the ones that I receive on Thursday, October 17. If you have planned to get one in, do it now! And thank you to all those that have sent one in. Your participation is greatly appreciated!

Episode 53 – The Office of Religious Freedom. Again.

Welcome back listeners! Later on in this episode of The Legion of Reason we have one of Kris’ interviews from last year. This time the subject is David Niose (http://en NULL.wikipedia NULL.org/wiki/David_Niose), currently the president of the Secular Coalition for America (http://secular NULL.org/) and past president of the American Humanist Association (http://www NULL.americanhumanist NULL.org/). He is also the author of Nonbeliever Nation: The Rise of Secular Americans (http://www NULL.amazon NULL.ca/Nonbeliever-Nation-Rise-Secular-Americans/dp/023033895X). We also shoot the bull as we discuss in a totally unscheduled session about how each of us arrived at where we are in terms of our atheist activism, explore the latest rumor surrounding the resignation of Pope Palpatine (http://www NULL.guardian NULL.co NULL.uk/world/2013/feb/21/pope-retired-amid-gay-bishop-blackmail-inquiry), and discuss the recent inauguration of the Office of Religious Freedom (http://www NULL.cbc NULL.ca/news/politics/story/2013/02/19/pol-ambassdor-office-religious-freedom-announced NULL.html), its first Ambassador-at-large and why we think it’s bad idea from the get-go. First off, though, we answer a great email from one of our listeners.

Andrew Bennett’s anti-secular world view (http://globalbrief NULL.ca/blog/2011/02/18/what-role-for-faith-in-21st-century-politics/)
Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s troubling remarks that atheist/agnostics not worth the same protections from the ORF (http://www NULL.theglobeandmail NULL.com/commentary/letters/the-conversation-feb-23-letters-and-other-talking-points-of-the-week/article8988893/)
More troubling remarks from John Baird… (http://www NULL.international NULL.gc NULL.ca/media/aff/speeches-discours/2012/05/24a NULL.aspx?view=d)
Baird’s comments in Liberty magazine (http://www NULL.libertymagazine NULL.org/index NULL.php?id=1878)