LoR – Episode 18

This was a busy week again as we take a look at a Nova Scotia high school student suspended for heinous infraction of wearing a t-shirt proclaiming that ‘life is wasted without Jesus’. While we’re not a fan of the message (Hitchens comes to mind here -“We are created sick and commanded to be well.” When will the religious take off the blinders and actually examine atheists’ lives rather than asserting our existence is meaningless?), we take an even dimmer view of the school board’s action. Morning prayer in an Alberta public school (!) is back by popular demand, as if that trumps the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Haysn gave a listen to a CBC radio program series entitled “After Atheism”. I gotta say, there aren’t any more stations along that track for me. And Bryce joins us to discuss how every personality is defined by a nine-pointed star-like construct. Except when they aren’t half the time. Talk about hedging bets.

Episode 10 of the Legion of Reason Podcast

10! One of those meaningless numbers we make arbitrary attachments to because of a number base prejudice. It could be much more fun to celebrate things in base 2 system. More excuse to have fun. But still….. 10! Cool.

Anyhow, in this latest episode Twylla, Haysn and I discuss a circumcision horror story I came across after recording episode 9. Also, PZ Myers was in town last Thursday to give us some insight into what we should and should not expect intelligent alien life to look like. Lastly, we find that if one has enough money it is possible to entice a university to sell out. Tom Droog, ex-sunflower seed mogul, forked over $1M to help create a professorship for complementary and alternative medicine at the University of Lethbridge. Sliding woo into universities is no longer done stealthily, but in a shameless and brazen manner. I weep for the children, I do.