There is no Honor

Courtesy Ophelia Benson (http://freethoughtblogs, I’ve got a tale The Fifth Estate (http://www NULL.cbc bills as

the next chapter in the story of Jassi Sidhu, the beautiful, young Canadian woman who defied her family when she fell in love with and secretly married an impoverished auto-rickshaw driver in India.

Not long after, she was murdered in a roadside attack, her new husband left for dead by her killers. In the years since, four men were convicted of Jassi’s murder and sent to prison in India.

Evidence gathered by Indian authorities at the time, and presented on the fifth estate, pointed to Jassi’s family allegedly arranging her murder from their home here in Canada.

Now, acting on new information, the fifth estate’s Bob McKeown presents stunning new information about those accused in the killing.

When your belief system encourages you to murder your own child, for the high crime of falling in love with someone, you should ditch it and look for alternatives (http://en NULL.wikipedia

HJ Hornbeck