Does the Truth Matter?

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I had another topic planned for today’s post, but then I learned that Greta Christina is mad. And when Greta’s mad, good writing results (http://freethoughtblogs!

You may have been following the debate about Alain de Botton’s article on CNN, What atheists can learn from religion (http://us NULL.cnn NULL.html?hpt=hp_t3), which began thus:

Probably the most boring question you can ask about religion is whether or not the whole thing is “true.”

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Including mine. I read de Botton’s piece when I was stuck at the Charlottesville airport waiting for a re-scheduled flight, getting over a stomach bug and trying to sleep on the airport floor… and I immediately started rage-writing this piece in my head.

Truth is not boring.

Reality is not boring. Reality is not irrelevant. Reality is not some trivial footnote in the larger, more serious business of keeping our brains in a bubble of happiness.

*Reality is all that we have.*

HJ Hornbeck